Make Concrete Color Match: How To Brighten and Darken Concrete

A cement wall with blue dye color mixed into it

Concrete is a construction material consisting of a mixture of Portland cement, sand and stone aggregate. When mixed with water, a green uncured mixture is obtained to be poured into molds or formwork. Concrete is ideal for laying durable surfaces such as highways, airport runways, sidewalks, and driveways. Freshly laid concrete will have a greenish … Read more

Does Concrete Always Need Rebar?

Metal rebar inside dug trenches

When you start pouring concrete and building projects, you will face many challenges, with many people not always being sure why rebar may even be needed. The use of rebar can be highly confusing when you are still learning how to use concrete and build projects. Rebar is not always needed when working with concrete, … Read more