PSA – Your Air-Conditioning Unit Must Always Be Level!

Two residential air conditioning AC units installed on a level outdoors

Keeping your home or office cool in the middle of a heatwave or during high humidity is essential. When the temperatures are too hot, there is nothing worse than trying to stay cool and dry while the sweat drips down and you are trying to work. In these climates, buildings without air-conditioners are the exception … Read more

Different Brands Of Indoor & Outdoor AC Units (Will This Work?)

Several large air conditioning (AC) units

Everyone is aware of the two primary types of air conditioners on the market: split systems and single packaged units. Split system air conditioners currently account for about 70% of the market, as people prefer them to single packaged units. But when they inevitably break, can you fit another model or brand’s components to fix … Read more

Replacing Just The Outside AC Unit: Sensible Or BIG Mistake?

An AC compressor unit

Air-conditioning systems are comprised of indoor and outdoor units. However, when one of these fails to function, the entire system is impacted. When the outdoor AC unit is to blame, many wonder whether replacing just the outdoor unit would be sensible or a huge mistake.  Experts advise against replacing only the outdoor AC unit. Besides … Read more