Can You Fill Cinder Blocks With Soil or Concrete? Is It Safe?

Can you fill cinderblocks with soil, concrete, gravel, sand, or foam?

Whether you are building a raised bed or a wall, cinder blocks are a cost-effective and sturdy way to do so. Old cinder blocks used to be literal blocks; cubes or cuboids with no holes as such. However, modern cinder blocks (and even bricks) have holes in them. There are several reasons manufacturers do this; from … Read more

Do New Construction Homes Come with Smoke Detectors?

Do New Construction Homes Come with Smoke Detectors?

There are strict penalties for not following fire safety regulations; and for good reason. These regulations outline the necessary steps that should be taken to provide an early fire warning to mitigate the risks or enable individuals to find escape routes. One of the most essential equipment necessary for keeping homes and offices safe is … Read more

Do New Construction Homes Have Closet Shelving?

A custom closet shelving system

When looking for new construction homes, realtors and builders usually consider the ‘bones and meat’ of a house. By the bones, they mean its foundation and ‘skeletal structure’, but when it comes to meat, the extras come into mind. One of the first considerations here includes kitchen appliances, vanities, and closet shelving system. Moving into a … Read more

Why Are New Construction Homes So Expensive?

Why are new construction homes so expensive?

Over the past few decades, the cost of real estate has risen considerably. This rise doesn’t just reflect the rising costs of property, but also a rise in costs of new construction homes. A house that cost $70.45 per square foot in 2000 cost $134.91 in 2020; almost doubling in the last 20 years. It has become … Read more

Do You Have to Shim New Construction Windows?

DO you have to shim new construction windows?

We previously discussed the importance of installing new construction windows yourself and whether they come with sills and screens,and mentioned that you may have to shim your windows. Shims are an important part of window installation since they help installers make the necessary adjustments as and when needed. But do you really need to shim every … Read more

Do All New Construction Homes Have HOA Fees?

Neighborhood at Daytime

So you’ve thought of constructing a home at a location that looks beautiful and is well-connected to the city. But is that all you should be considering? As you might have heard, home is a feeling that relies on the people around you at all times and the community you’re a part of. If you’re … Read more