Best Adhesive For Glass Tile Backsplash: Top 5 Choices!

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Choosing an appropriate tile adhesive is often overwhelming, as numerous options are available on the market.

Hence, considering several factors, you must select the right product to ensure strong bonding and high durability.

Now that you have access to tiling information, reducing the labour-intensive nature of the process by doing it yourself will be beneficial.

HomeyMosaic, Moonbeam Tree, Vancor, Aspect, and Levdeco are the best adhesives for glass tile backsplashes. These products are self-adhesive, so you can peel and stick them directly to the wall.

Peel and stick tiling is an upcoming trend that many people use to upgrade their houses at a minimal cost.

Here is an in-depth guide to the best adhesives for glass tile backsplashes.

What is a “Backsplash”?

What is a Backsplash
What is a Backsplash

The backsplash is the countertop extension, which may be a few inches high or as high as the ceiling. Backsplash is commonly constructed in bathrooms and kitchens.

The common types of tiles that you can use to tile the backsplash are:

  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Porcelain 
  • Marble
  • Peel-and-stick/ Groutless Tiles

A backsplash adds both value and beauty to your house. The primary purpose of designing a backsplash is to prevent damage to the wall.

Grease, water, and other messes can damage the wall if you don’t install a backsplash.

This is a vital solution for most households. Some prefer installing backsplashes as it adds a luxury look to the interior.

Depending on your family’s lifestyle, you can decide whether a backsplash is necessary.

In this blog, you will learn about top 5 adhesives for glass tile backsplashes and the suitable adhesive for installing them.

Handling Glass Tiles

Handling Glass Tiles
Handling Glass Tiles

Handling the glass tile carefully is necessary since it will crack. It is an excellent choice for bathroom or kitchen backsplashes.

You can clean these tiles using glass cleaner and a soft cloth. When removing stubborn dirt, spray a distilled vinegar solution and clean after 10 minutes.

Properly installed glass tiles will last indefinitely with due care and maintenance.

Safety Precautions:

Since you will cut the glass tile, it is important to wear safety gear.

Wearing gloves will prevent skin cuts as you will be dealing with sharp tools. Also, when cutting the tile, wear safety goggles to prevent dust and other small debris from entering the eyes.

5 Best Glass Tile Backsplash Adhesives

5 Best Glass Tile Backsplash Adhesives
5 Best Glass Tile Backsplash Adhesives

What is the best adhesive for bonding glass tiles to the backsplash?

This article will provide the five best glass tile adhesives for backsplash tiling.

HomeyMosaic Adhesive

The HomeyMosaic adhesive is heat-resistant, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and durable. The backsplash will look stunning with the modern stainless steel look.

This adhesive is a great solution to prevent stains on your kitchen wall. Also, the installation is very simple: peeling, aligning, and sticking it to the wall.

When necessary, you can use the utility knife to cut the tile.

Important: Use this adhesive on an even, smooth, flat, and clean surface. This product is unsuitable for moldy, uneven, or cracked surfaces.

Moonbeam Tree Adhesive

This product is made of premium vinyl material. Moonbeam tree adhesive is both easy to install and eco-friendly.

Sticking this to the backsplash will provide a fantastic outcome if you makeover your kitchen. It is extremely easy to maintain this DIY home decoration.

You can complete the tiling process using scissors, a ruler, and the Moonbean tree adhesive. Although the glue on this sheet will be sufficient to stick to the wall, it is better to use an adhesive spray to ensure stronger bonding.

You can use a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive when removing this tiling. This way, you can easily peel it off without damaging the wall.

Vancore Adhesive

The Vancore adhesive provides a 3D effect. This product is resistant to heat (120 degrees) and waterproof.

This is an ideal option for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. This product has a self-adhesive on the back, so you can peel and stick it to the wall. Since the adhesive helps bond the tile firmly, you don’t have to apply additional glue.

You can DIY the process, using creativity to enhance the kitchen or bathroom look.

Ensure to clean the surface before glass tile installations. Then peel one end of the tile about 2 inches away and paste it on the wall.

Peel the rest slowly and press the grout line. Overlapping the grout lines will provide a perfect finish. To obtain a straight cut, you can use a pair of scissors.

Note: Vancore adhesive is best installed on smooth, dry surfaces. Hence, avoid using it on rough, wet surfaces.

Aspect Adhesive

A package of Aspect peel-and-stick mated glass backsplash kit contains one square foot of tiles. The adhesive on the back of the tiles will help bond them to the wall.

Mark a reference point on the wall where you will begin the project when installing Aspect Matted glass. After that, peel the sheet and stick the first tile along the reference line.

You can continue installing the rest of the tiles by carefully positioning them.

Straight-cut the tile using a glass cutter and sand the edges.

Note: If you mistakenly stick a tile in the wrong place, you can remove it using a scraper. For stronger bonding, add a few spots of the liquid adhesive to the back of the tile before sticking it to the wall.

Levdeco Mirror Adhesive

Both professionals and beginners can install this peel-and-stick glass tile, as the DIY process is very simple.

The glass and mirror decorations make the tiles look luxurious and charming. The product is heat-resistant and waterproof.

Levdeco Mirror Adhesive will add a glimmering look to your kitchen or bathroom backsplashes. Hence, you can choose this glass tile adhesive for an elegant result.

Best Tiling Adhesives for Backsplash

Best Tiling Adhesives for Backsplash
Best Tiling Adhesives for Backsplash

Use a suitable adhesive to tile the backsplash with glass, marble, stone or porcelain tiles.

Tile mastic, thin-set mortar, and epoxy mortar are great adhesives to bond the tile to the wall firmly.

To obtain the best result, you must consider the type of surface, tile material, and several other factors to choose the right adhesive.


Tiling the walls will provide a charming look to the interior. When transforming the interior of your house, you can go for a cost-effective tiling option, such as peel-and-stick tiles.

Anyway, the cost will differ according to the quality and pattern of the tile. Glass tile backsplashes are relatively easy to clean and provide luminosity.

The peel-and-stick glass tiles do not require professional knowledge. Therefore, you can DIY the project.

Although peel-and-stick tile is less durable than other backsplashes, choosing the best glass tile adhesive will improve its durability.


How to Cut Glass Tile Adhesive to Straight Edges?

If the tile is thick, you can use the glass cutter. For thinner peel-and-stick adhesive, you can use a utility knife or scissors.

Is Adhesive Required to Bond Peel & Stick Tiles?

The self-adhesive is sufficient to bond the peel-and-stick tile. You can use a spray or liquid adhesive if the bond is not firm enough.

Where Can I Use the Peel & Stick Glass Tiles?

You can use these tiles for the bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. This is also suitable for enhancing the interior look of your house.

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