DIY Wall Hanger For A Shark Steam Mop (Simple To Build, Cheap To Buy) – New Video

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The Shark Steam Mop is great, but ideally you should wall hang it to protect your flooring after use. Unfortunately the way that the handle works is at a right angle to the steam pads at the bottom, meaning that a traditional hook doesn’t work well.

This video shows exactly how I built a custom DIY steam mop holder, for less than a fiver. Bargain!

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Tristan. I recently wanted to hang a recently purchased Shark steam mop on our wall, because the steam pads get very hot during use. This means that, naturally if I left it on the floor after use, it would start to damage our flooring over time.

Unfortunately you can’t simply buy a simple wall hook with the Shark steam mop, because the handle is at a right angle to the steam pads at the bottom, meaning that the mop would stick out from the wall a lot due to the steam pads hitting the wall.

So I went looking for solutions. I did find a 3D printed wall bracket on Etsy, but it was based in America so it would have cost £33 (which is around $45) due to international shipping.

As a result, I built my own using some mop holders I found on Amazon. The only flaw with these is that they don’t stick out from the wall enough, meaning that the top handle would hit against the wall.

I could have used a wooden block here, but I instead decided to use nylon spacers that I had lying around. Since I was mounting these on plasterboard (i.e. drywall), I used GripIt fixings which are easy to use and work really well.

I drilled the wall, installed the GripIt fixings and then screwed through the nylon spacers to install the mop holder. This was easy enough to do, and it led to a pretty good result overall in my opinion.

It’s now easy to hold our Shark steam mop on the wall, and it makes the space feel a lot neater and tidier. Plus it’s protecting our flooring. One downside is that the nylon spacers don’t look the best, in my opinion, but I think that I’d still prefer this to using a block of wood.

In terms of cost, this was a lot cheaper than the Etsy option. The mop holder was £1.70 (I purchased a pack, but I will use the rest in my garage), and I had the spacers and screws lying around. But if I didn’t, the two spacers and 70mm screws would have cost less than a fiver. So let’s say it was £6 (or $8) in total.

That’s pretty good value. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please click the thumbs up button. Please also don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you!

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