Can You Mix Tile Adhesive With Cement? Read This Before Mixing Them!

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Tiling is an excellent way to upgrade your home. Choosing stylish tiles and ensuring premium installation will help increase your house’s value.

When laying tiles, there are several factors that you need to consider, for example, the type of tile, tile adhesive, grout, etc. There are ways to minimize the budget, but you must also check the durability.

Using cement to stick tiles is one such way of reducing costs. Some people ask whether they can mix tile adhesive with cement. Let’s discuss mixing tile adhesive with cement in this blog!

In the past, cement was the most commonly used bonding agent to stick tiles together. However, professionals developed a better way of adhering tiles to the substrate using tile adhesive. Some people try mixing cement and tile adhesive, but this is not recommended as they are two different products.


Cement 1
Cement 1

Cement is a cementitious substance that is capable of binding material. This product is mainly used in all constructions. The cement mortar produced by mixing cement and water sticks the materials together. Once the cement mixture cures, it will harden for a tight bond.

This concept was used in the old days to attach tiles to the substrate. Cement mortar will help bond the tiles to the wall or floor at a lower cost when compared to tile glue.

This product is not highly recommended as it shrinks after curing, takes longer to cure, is messy and time-consuming, and does not provide a premium look.

Tile Adhesive

Tile Adhesive 2
Tile Adhesive 2

Tile adhesive is the glue that helps stick the tiles to the substrate. The substrate, tile size, material, and surroundings are factors you consider when selecting a suitable tile adhesive. Tile adhesive forms a durable bond between the subfloor, wall, and tiles.

A thin layer of this adhesive will be sufficient to stick the tiles, and it has high coverage. This glue is easy to handle, cures quickly, and is less messy.

The only con of using tile adhesive is the cost. This product is expensive but worth purchasing as it has several advantages compared to cement mortar.

Is It Possible to Mix Tile Adhesive with Cement

Is It Possible to Mix Tile Adhesive with Cement
Is It Possible to Mix Tile Adhesive with Cement

Can you mix the two bonding agents, like tile adhesive and cement?

Many beginners frequently ask this question. 

You might know that tile adhesive and cement are different products, although they are used to stick tiles. Hence, combining them will make the glue obsolete. Therefore, it is best to use them separately, as mixing can weaken the bonding strength.

People mainly intend to mix tile adhesive with cement to reduce the cost. On the flip side, there are lots of disadvantages to doing so.

The durability will become low due to weak bond strength, and you will have to spend on frequent repairs. Considering these, it is better to know that mixing two different types of glue is not recommended.

Imagine that you are planning to tile over the old adhesive. In such cases, you need to check the kind of glue and use the same for bonding tiles.

The concept is that mixing different tile glues will result in unstable bonding. Therefore, it is about more than just mixing tile adhesive with cement.

You must also avoid mixing two different types of tile adhesive.

The Best Way to Mix Tile Adhesive for Strong Adhesion

The Best Way to Mix Tile Adhesive for Strong Adhesion
The Best Way to Mix Tile Adhesive for Strong Adhesion

You can use either cement mortar or tile adhesive to stick the tiles together. However, many experts recommend using tile adhesives.

If you are using powder-based tile adhesive, then you must mix it well before application. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when mixing the tile adhesive.

This is because the tile adhesive-to-water ratio may change according to the brand. Generally, you combine two parts adhesive with one part water.

The manufacturer will provide clear step-by-step instructions on how to mix the adhesive for better adhesion. You must add tile adhesive to the bucket of water (do not mix it and vice versa). Then, using the drill machine attached to the mixing paddle, you can start mixing the adhesive in a circular motion. Ensure to mix it well until you obtain a lump-free compound.

Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes before spreading it on the substrate.

Ready-Mixed Tile Adhesive Vs. Powder-Based Adhesive

Ready Mixed Tile Adhesive Vs. Powder Based Adhesive
Ready Mixed Tile Adhesive Vs. Powder Based Adhesive

Compared to cement mortar, tile adhesive is mainly preferred in tiling projects. Which is best when you take the two main types of tile adhesive (ready-mixed and powder-based adhesive)?

The answer may differ according to the tiling project.

Usually, people intend to purchase the ready-mixed adhesive to apply it directly to the prepared substrate. If you use large porcelain or ceramic tiles, powder-based adhesive is the best option. You can use the ready-mixed tile adhesive when tiling smaller tiles less than 300 x 300 mm.

Choosing the correct type of tile adhesive is indeed an overwhelming task. For a beginner, it is better to ask an expert when choosing the tile adhesive.

A higher priority is given to the tile adhesive since this will impact your tiling project’s durability and premium finish.

Final Thoughts

Thus far, you might have an idea about mixing two different types of glue. Cement and tile adhesive are two distinct binding agents that you can use to adhere the tile to the substrate.

Although both products are used for sticking tiles, that does not mean you can mix them. Mixing different varieties of glue causes changes in the chemical properties and results in unstable bonding.

Therefore, you can use either cement or tile adhesive when installing tiles. Since cement is an old method of adhering to tiles, professionals do not encourage this.

Instead, they recommend choosing the right type of tile adhesive. Working with tile adhesives is easy and will produce a premium finish.

Although title adhesives are costlier than cement, they are worth the cost.

For more information about tile adhesive and cement, you can check out our recent blog on whether “can cement be used as tile adhesive“.


What Do You Mix With Powder-Based Tile Adhesive?

You mix water and powder-based tile adhesive to prepare a lump-free mixture.

Add the title adhesive to a bucket of water and mix it well using a mixing tool (a drill machine with a mixing paddle).

Is Tile Adhesive Better than Cement?

Yes, tile adhesive is easy to work with and will ensure longevity. 

When compared to cement, tile glue is a better bonding agent.

Do I need to Add Water For Ready-Mixed Adhesive?

No, the ready-mixed adhesive comes in a ready-to-use format; hence, no premixing is required.

You can directly apply this adhesive to the substrate using a notched trowel and start laying the tiles.

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